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For me a bodybuilder without symmetry, proportion and fine lines that flow from one body part to another, isn't really a bodybuilder in the finest sense of that  word.  A power lifter, shot-putter or lumberjack is big and powerful.  To me, the whole goal is to create a work of art out of flesh. 

The bodybuilders on this page represent to me the apex of what the sport is all about.

steve reeves

Not enough can be said about Steve Reeves.  He had an almost god-like effect on all who came in his presence.  Men and women were awestruck by the beauty of his face and body.  He just exuded star-like quality that would eventually lead to him being the number one box-office attraction in 1959.  The bottom line is that he inspired a whole generation of bodybuilders and average citizens in the 1960s which resulted in a boom in the fitness industry.  Every male wanted to be him and every female wanted to have him.

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bill pearl

Bill Pearl is not often mentioned when discussions of symmetry and proportion are the topic of conversation, but in my book Pearl is one of the most proportioned physiques I have ever seen in person.  His physique is a real work of art with no glaring weakness, a physique in which all parts flow to create one impressive whole.  At 5'11" Bill remains one of the taller bodybuilders who was proportioned from head to toe.  The amazing thing is that Bill was always self-conscious about his large head, when, in fact, his large head on that huge body gave him an all-over proportioned physique that most tall men could never achieve because they all look like pin-heads.

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lee labrada

Another amazing bodybuilder who exemplified the ideal package of symmetry, size, and aesthetic appeal that I think bodybuilding should be about was Lee Labrada.  His shocking win of the 1986 Night of Champions over taller and heavier bodybuilders was a welcome respite from the direction bodybuilding seemed to be taking at the time.  Though Lee would go on to win many more pro bodybuilding contests, many of us would have liked to have seen him win the Mr. Olympia.   No doubt his 5'6" height was his greatest nemesis.

To witness Lebrada's symmetry in action watch this amazing video!


Chris Dickerson

 Chris Dickerson, although also only 5'6", was able to win the 1982 Mr. Olympia, thus becoming the greatest bodybuilder on the planet for at least that year.  Chris is a real iconoclast since he remains the oldest man to win the Mr. Olympia (43) and the first black Mr. America, having won that prestigious event  in 1970.  Having some of the greatest calves in the history of bodybuilding when most competitors neglected that muscle, he also had an outstanding back, and despite weak arms, his physique just flowed with an aesthetic grace that is missing from the current competitive arena.

Mohammed makkawy

Another David among the modern Goliaths, Makkawy was one of the few bodybuilders able to defeat Lee Haney, as he did in the 1983 England, Sweden, Switzerland Grand Prix and World Pro Championships.  An outstanding poser, it was difficult to find a flaw in Makkawy's physique!



frank zane 

At 5'9" Zane was another wonderfully proportioned athlete who consistently defeated larger competitors by the sheer elegance of his physique and posing.  Those who only see pictures of him will never understand the impact of Frank's stunning muscularity and stage presence that made the other bodybuilders look like amateurs.  His three Mr. Olympia wins say it all.

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francis benfatto

Demonstrating razor-sharp, dense, and full muscularity in Greek-god like proportion, Benfatto is clearly one of the most aesthetically pleasing physiques to ever grace the posing dais.  Only his oversized head mars the perfection he presents in his quest for physical excellence.


flex Wheeler

As probably the most gifted bodybuilder to ever mount the competitive stage, Flex Wheeler had the perfect bone structure with volumes of muscle exploding out of small joints in amazing eye-pleasing proportion.  Unfortunately, Flex's gifts were to be ruined by the drugs necessary to compete in today's pro bodybuilding contests so that he ruined his proportions and almost died with failed kidneys.  Nevertheless, Flex Wheeler was a joy to behold at his peak.

Anibal Lopez

Anibal Lopez never weighed more than the upper 160s to lower 170s but displayed such physical perfection that he was able to win the WBBG Pro Mr. America and the WBBG Mr. World.  As with these other men, it is truly difficult to spot flaws in Anibal's physique or his presentation of that physique.  He was another work of art in motion!


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