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Need a little extra boost of motivation to get the full benefits of your workouts?  Go to a bodybuilding show!  Right now contest season is in full swing and the atmosphere in your local gym is bursting with motivation, dedication and discipline.   Your local gym will have postings of upcoming bodybuilding shows throughout your area.  And there’s something for everyone at a bodybuilding contest.  We attended the 2004 NPC Southern USA Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships in Panama City, Florida last weekend where competitors ranged in age from 13 to 71! 


Guest poser Gunter Schlierkamp wowed the crowd as he jumped off the stage and flexed while winding his way through the audience.  To see the results of the contest, and tons of photos, check out our latest article for Bodybuilding for Baby boomers on


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Baby boomers, did you ever think about entering a contest?  Richard and Diane have been interviewing competitors that enter physique contests after the age of 40.  Want to learn about contest prep for a baby boomer body?  Look for our upcoming article on entering a contest after 40.


Do you have a legendary over 40 physique?  Send us your photos and email address for consideration.


Last call for your thoughts on the importance of camaraderie in the gym.  We are getting ready to publish this article, so if you have some comments on this topic, now is the time to email us.



Baby boomer Quick Tips and Facts

Forty years ago today, the Ford Mustang was introduced at opening day of the New York World’s Fair.  “The first 500,000 units went out the door at an average of $3,500, 50% more than the car’s base sticker.”


Conductive keratoplasty was approved by the FDA last month as a minimally invasive method to correct near-vision problems. Radio waves are used to shrink small areas of collagen in an effort to increase the curvature of the cornea.  Marketing of the new corrective vision surgery is geared toward the baby boomer market, that legendary population group that is intent on seeing well without the need to wear glasses.

NY Times.  April 11, 2004


How much water do you need?  The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies reports that in terms of hydration, thirst should serve as a guide, rather than the old rule of 8-9 glasses per day.  Hydration levels can be met through juice, milk, coffee, tea, fruits, vegetables and soft drinks.

Web MD.  February 11, 2004.


Healthy bodies have the ability to fight stress better.  The AARP reports that leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet, activity levels, balance between work and family obligations, a positive attitude and ample levels of sleep reduces stress and adds years to your life.



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