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Less than 25 years ago, Laura Combes, under the tutelage of Richard Baldwin, stepped on stage of the first Ms. America contest to win the coveted trophy.  In her book, Winning Women’s Bodybuilding, Laura discusses that Richard was the first male bodybuilder to support women in their efforts in this arena.


However, the female bodybuilding of yesterday is drastically different from the drug enhanced female physiques of today.  Richard’s original vision of female bodybuilding, which created aesthetically pleasing physiques and promoted health and wellness, is long gone.  Will the use of male hormones by women lead to the demise of the sport?  Or can female physique contests be saved with the addition of figure class competitors? To learn more, please check out our latest Bodybuilding for Baby Boomers article on


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Diane received word about her nomination to an Advisory Committee of the National Board of Fitness Examiners that will affect the shape and direction of the fitness industry.


Baby Boomer Quick Tips and Facts


Your tax dollars at work. Tommy Thompson of the Department of Health and Human Services states that while the obesity epidemic is vast, a solution is achievable through raising awareness of the consequences of excess weight.  Thompson through the Steps to a healthier US campaign stresses taking small steps through activity, choosing fruits and vegetables over junk food and portion control.


Music reduces pain levels.  The journal of Advanced Nursing reports in a Florida based study that listening to music for 20 minutes per day reduces levels of perceived pain from 50-66% among sufferers of osteoarthritis.  Researchers theorize that music releases endorphins that reduce the perceived pain levels.

Australian Nursing Journal.  March 28, 2004.


New info on trans fats.  New evidence was presented at the Experimental Biology annual meeting that shows trans fats increase bad LDL cholesterol.  Studies also suggest that trans fat reduces good HDL cholesterol.  Trans fats will be required to be listed on nutrition labels by 2006.

Web MD


Teenage acne makes a comeback during menopause.  Hormonal fluctuations cause some women to develop teenage acne due to the increased ratio of androgen to estrogen hormones.  Unfortunately, menopause induced acne is difficult to treat, as it is less likely to respond to teenage acne therapies.  Oral contraceptives may provide help.

North American Menopause Society


Legendary Baby Boomer, Martina Navratilova won a wild-card entry into the French Open tennis championships.  This is Martina’s first Grand Slam singles tournament in a decade.  At 47, Martina is redefining the aging process.


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