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We receive many emails from baby boomers about motivation.  Many boomers have more time than they did in their 20s and 30s because their families are raised, and they are successful in their careers.  Although they have more time than ever to train, the problem that often haunts them is the realization that they will NEVER look as good as they did in their youth.  Bodies age no matter what we do.  How in the heck can anyone in their 40s to 60s+ keep a positive attitude in training?  What’s the point when injuries are commonplace, hormones are at new lows making fat harder to lose and muscle harder to maintain let alone gain?


Richard discusses his battle with age in our latest article, Go Down Fighting on  To read more, check out our column, Bodybuilding for Baby Boomers.



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We are inundated with emails because of the July Iron Man magazine feature on Richard!  Many are asking for help with workout routines.  While we love hearing from all of you and would love to response to you individually, the sheer number of emails is making this task impossible.


In response to those emails, we are putting together a series of articles to provide general ideas for beginning, intermediate and advanced workout routines to answer your questions.  Feel free to take these upcoming workout routines to your local gym where a personal trainer can individualize our suggestions to meet your special needs.  This is a critical step in your success as the only way to develop a workout routine to meet your specific needs is through personal contact to determine body type, responsiveness to training, goals, dietary needs and habits, as well as medical restrictions.


It is our plan to set up a personal phone consultation end of our business to be up and running by year-end.  Until then, feel free to read through our numerous and in-depth articles on and our expanding website, where you will find most of the answers to your nutrition, cardio and resistance training questions. 


Baby Boomer Quick Tips and Facts


Result of the first randomized control trial of a low-carb diet reveals not only higher effectiveness for weight loss, but also improvement in cholesterol levels.

Annals of Internal Medicine.  May 18, 2004.


Changing exercise recommendations.  In 1996 the Surgeon General recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise, most days of the week.  The Institute of Medicine increased recommendations to an hour of accumulated, moderate-level exercise each day or 20-30 minutes of vigorous exercise at least four times per week to maintain both health and weight.

Harvard Health Publications.  May 26, 2004.


Should you use wraps?  Orthopedic braces can ease pain and help you stay active, but if the answer is to strengthen muscles and you rely on a brace instead, your muscles can actually become weaker.  Braces do not prevent problems or injury.

Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Food and Fitness Advisor.  November 2003.


New wrinkle smoother.  A new injectable gel to smooth out wrinkles was approved by the FDA.  Marketed under the names Hylaform and Restylane the hyaluronic acid is effective for up to eight months for smoothing out mid-to-deep creases in the face.

Reuters.  April 2004.


US pressure on World Health Organization?  Critics state that the World Health Organization caved in to pressure from the US junk food industry and revised the original plans for tackling the obesity issue on a worldwide basis.

Reuters.  April 2004




Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!

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