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While glancing at a USA Today newspaper this week, we took notice of the announcement that 53-year-old baby boomer, Kirstie Alley will be starring in a proposed new TV series for Showtime Networks, Inc.  If you’ve been to a supermarket within the past six months, we’re sure that you’ve had the opportunity to view the numerous unflattering photos of Kirstie since she’s put on a significant amount of weight. The new TV series is an adult comedy that deals with Hollywood’s obsession with weight and beauty.  However, after viewing the photos of a very large Kirstie Alley, can we truly state that all weight and beauty obsessions are bad? 


To read more about “healthy obsessions,” to reduce health-related risks by maintaining a fit physique, check out our latest Body Building for Baby Boomers article on Bodybuilding.com.



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We’ve been strolling down memory lane watching bodybuilding videos from days gone by.  Thank you, to legendary physique photographer, Wayne Gallasch, for sending the videos our way.  If you are interested in getting some inspiration from legends of the past, check out the many videos you can order from Wayne at GMV Productions.


Baby Boomer Quick Tips and Facts

Want to improve the results of preventive medicine?  A nationwide study at the University of Washington School of Medicine reports that adults who regularly visit the same doctor or the same clinic are more likely to get better preventive medical care. 43,000 adults participated in the nationwide telephone survey that revealed when continuity of medical care is in place, higher levels of preventive medicine are observed by the patients.

Web MD.  July 2004


What do doctors recommend for stress management?  Yoga is the primary therapy recommended by doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  Yoga encourages the release of unnecessary tension in the body.  While yoga can be learned from videos, books and magazines, personal instruction produces a better initial experience.  As a result, participants are more likely to stick with the practice of yoga. 

Vitality.  July 2004


Get active in spite of your size.  Our focus this week is on the healthy obsession of weight control to increase health and longevity.  Even if you are currently overweight, it is possible to get started on your journey towards improved fitness.  Check out the National Institute of Health for helpful hints on getting started at any size.



Growing numbers of Americans are getting massages each year. The number of Americans that get at least one massage per year increased from 8% in 1997 to the current rate of 21%.   Baby boomers are the fastest growing demographic group seeking out massage therapists.  To learn more about the types of massages and cautionary warnings, check out the AARP website.



E-records for health care are expected within the next 10 years.  The US government is encouraging the use of technology to modernize health care through possible grants or low-interest loans to those in the medical profession.  Expected savings to the nations’ health care bill will cut the $1.6 trillion dollar per year health care bill by 10% once electronic medical records are utilized.

USA Today.  July 21, 1004.




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