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Richard discusses his preparation and training for an upcoming photo session.  With shoulder and elbow injuries in his recent past, this baby boomer discusses the struggle to maximize gains without risk of injury while still desiring to achieve a fit and youthful physique.


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Diane just received news that she will have an article published in the January 2005 issue of Thrive magazine.  We’ll keep you posted on availability in the upcoming months.


Baby Boomer Quick Tips and Facts

Arthritis news. Vioxx, one the most widely used drugs for arthritis relief  was withdrawn from the marketplace, due to an increased risk or heart attack and stroke while using this product.  The voluntary withdrawal will affect the more than 2 million patients that use this product, as well as the Merck & Co. stock.  With more than $2.5 billion in Vioxx sales last year,  the company stock tumbled more than 25% after the announcement.  Baby boomers looking for further information can go to merck.com or vioxx.com.



Female runners may outpace male competitors during the 2156 Olympic Games?  Researchers at England’s University of Oxford believe that if the current trend of female gains in running speed keeps pace, a female runner should win the 100-meter race at the 2156 Olympic Games with a pace of 8.079 seconds.  The men will record a time of 8.098 seconds.



Additional funding puts yoga under the scientific microscope.  The National Institute of Health has a $78 million budget to fund scientific research at Columbia University and the Universities of Arizona, Michigan and Maryland.  Current studies include the effects of yoga on people with multiple sclerosis and how yoga affects healthy seniors in terms of attention and focusing abilities, flexibility, balance, mood, quality of life and fatigue.



Include oatmeal in your nutritional plan each day.  Tufts University research reveals that oatmeal contains avenanthramides, which reduce the ability of blood cells to cling to artery walls and subsequent plaque build-up which leads to heart attacks.  Oats are also rich in water-soluble fiber, reducing bad cholesterol and helping to stabilize blood sugar levels.  Oatmeal is versatile as a cereal, in breads and cookies, as a thickener in stews and as a crispy topping on fruit desserts.



Obesity related risks.  Remember baby boomers, obesity related risks are within YOUR control!








Affects:  13 million Americans

Affects:  1 in every 12 Americans

Affects: nearly 12 million Americans

Affects:  more than 16 million Americans

Risks:  reduction of blood flow to the heart caused be hardening of the arteries.  Can lead to heart attacks and other forms of heart disease.

Risks:  Gallstones are solid masses composed mainly of cholesterol. 

Risks:  Additional stress on joints due to excess weight causes the cartilage between joints to wear out prematurely.

Risks:  A growing epidemic directly related to increases in the obesity rates.  Leads to heart disease, stoke, kidney failure, blindness amputation and premature death if untreated.


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