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Can you feel the buzz of the upcoming competitive season in the air? From offers to man the booths at the Arnold, to planning workouts around the crowds in the gym, we are in contact with many fellow lifting buddies preparing for the competitive season.

But, what does it take to prepare for the contest stage when the era of youth is decades behind us? How can a baby boomer prepare to be competitive while fighting the normal physiological changes associated with aging?

To read words of inspiration from fellow Bodybuilding for Baby Boomers readers, and our recommendations to another reader that contacted us in his quest to redefine the aging process check out our latest Bodybuilding for Baby Boomers article on Bodybuilding.com.



Baby Boomer Quick Tips and Facts

New US dietary guidelines emphasize weight loss, healthy eating and cardiovascular health.  Whole grains, fruits, vegetables,  and smaller portions are stressed while reducing sugars, trans fats and total calories ingested serve as the foundation of the new dietary guidelines. 

New York Times


FDA rejects approval of Intrinsa, a libido drug for women due to insufficient evidence that prolonged use of testosterone is safe for female use.  While initial reports of this drug were promising, Proctor and Gamble estimated that as many as 900,000 women would qualify as candidates to use the testosterone patch.  The FDA decided that the increased risks of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer were not an acceptable trade-off for increased satisfying experiences.



More on sleep deprivation and obesity.  Studies at Stanford, University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin, and DePaul University reveal that sleep affects ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormone that is released in the stomach.  As ghrelin levels increase, people feel hungry and crave foods filled with sugary carbohydrates such as cakes, candy, ice cream, pasta and bread.  Those getting 10 or more hours of sleep per day are 11% less likely to be classified as obese.



According to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention, acupuncture is used by more than 2 million US adults.  Dr. Brian Berman of the University of Maryland School of Medicine reports of a clinical trial of 570 study participants age 50 and above, suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee.  Those that received regular acupuncture treatments had a significant reduction of pain and a significant increase in function when compared to the other two control groups.



HEPA air filters are helpful for those suffering from extreme allergies. Cold-like symptoms are experienced by allergy sufferers while no infection exists in the body. “Allergies are the result of your immune system mistaking a foreign substance, such as dust or pollen, for a germ or virus.” 




Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!

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