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In our continuing quest to help baby boomers redefine the process of aging, we are constantly on the lookout for the line that separates a youthful physique from one that is "old." Positive attitude and agile physical movements go a long way to projecting an image of youth; however, these elements are not enough. If you want to portray health and youth, you need to train your entire body.


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Richard and Diane attended the Southern USA bodybuilding contest last week, where Richard was a member of the panel of judges.  Look for photos and contest results next week.


Baby Boomer Quick Tips and Facts

Are artificial sweeteners safe to use when cutting calories?  According to the Harvard Healthbeat, “But with rare exceptions, they appear to pose little or no risk when used in moderation.  The American Dietetic Association approves the use of acesulfame K, saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, and neotame for diabetics, women and children.



More evidence that exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  In a recent Finnish study, middle-aged participants that exercised at least twice each week, reduced the risk of developing Alzheimer’s diseased for 50%. Regular visits to the doctor and blood pressure, cholesterol and weight monitoring was also recommended to reduce disease risks.



New government recommendations on exercise.  Sixty to ninety minutes each day is suggested to ward off chronic disease, prevent weight gain and maintain previously lost pounds.  While many won’t consider more than 30 minutes per day, Dr. Russell Pate of the University of South Carolina states, “I have no doubt that if we all met that 30-minutes guidelines, we’d have a lot fewer of us that have weight problems.” 



Lifting the ban on Ephedra in Utah.  While the restriction by order of federal judge, Tena Campbell currently applies to sales of ephedra in Utah, many are questioning a nationwide enforcement.  Judge Campbell stated, “The drug agency had failed to prove that ephedra at low doses was dangerous.”

The New York Times.  April 15, 2005


Who should use supplements?  The Medical College of Wisconsin recommends several groups of people should take vitamins and minerals along with consuming a healthy diet.

1.       Women of childbearing age

2.     People over 50

3.     Those on special diets

4.     People with poor appetites

5.     Those on calorie restricted diets

6.     Smokers

7.     Those that consume excessive amounts of alcohol


Medical College of Wisconsin HealthLink






Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!

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