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Happy New Year to all of our baby boomer readers!  It’s been several weeks since our last newsletter because of some technical difficulties with spam filters and bulk email newsletters.  As a result, we are updating our website, www.legendaryfitness.com with the weekly newsletter to give you access when emails are blocked.


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During Halloween weekend, Richard and I attended a party with colleagues, where discussion quickly turned to diets. A successful dieter at the mid-point of her goal commented that she was taking a hiatus from her diet plan due to the upcoming holidays. Although 40 pounds lighter at the halfway to goal mark, this successful dieter was about to embark on a 2 ½ month deviation from the nutritional plan that brought so much success.

Why would someone take such a long break from dieting when still 40 pounds away from goal weight? What is it the emotional catch to the holidays that gives sensible people a license to overindulge in food and alcohol while eliminating regularly established gym routines?

To learn how to stop the cycle of holiday weight gain, check out our latest Bodybuilding for Baby Boomers article on Bodybuilding.com.



Baby Boomer Quick Tips and Facts


Sleep apnea symptoms include snoring, thick necks, hypertension, being overweight, fatigue and sleepiness.  During sleep apnea, breathing becomes shallow due to blocked airways at the back of the throat.  The lack of oxygen and buildup of carbon dioxide awakens the sleeper and the cycle begins again.  For some with sleep apnea, it is impossible to get back to sleep.  Harvard Health Publications recommends losing weight, not sleeping on your back and the avoidance of alcohol for non-invasive treatment of this disorder.

Harvard Health Publications.  www.health.harvard.edu


Just one cup of coffee per day can lead to caffeine addiction.  Withdrawal symptoms include headache, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and muscle pain.  Research studies show that caffeine withdrawal leads to headaches in 50% of study participants.  Symptoms were severe enough for 13% of people to miss work.



Up to 1/3 of Americans that use prescription drugs have already bought or plan to make future purchases using online Canadian pharmacies.  Simple economics, where cost savings average 35-55%, are reported by the Congressional Budget Office when consumers utilize these online pharmacies.



Computer chips for humans?  Computer chips that are implanted in a person’s arm and contains the keys to a patient’s medical history has been approved by the FDA.  Known as the VeriChip, this medical device is the size of a grain of rice.  Microchips are implanted through a syringe and remains dormant until a scanner passes over the chip. The VeriChip contains a series of codes that allows a physician to search databases for medical information.  The data base is updated with each patient visit to the doctor.  These chips are currently implanted in 1 million pets



Should you cook your vegetables or eat them raw?  Dr. Am Joy Lanou, nutritional director of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine notes that fruits and vegetables are beneficial for reducing chronic disease risk, but that this is no single rule for raw or cooked vegetables.  Lycopene is more prevalent in cooked forms.  However, Dr. Lanou points out that vegetables should not be cooked too long and/or with too much water.  Blanching is suggested to preserve both the color and nutrients of vegetables. 

WebMD.  October, 2004.




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