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What is the point of resistance training?  Is the point to move a weight from point “A” to point “B” or is there more to heading to the gym to move around the weights?  Fat people go through the biceps curling action many times each day as they lift a fork, but, this no load curling action does nothing to build the bicep muscle.  Why?


To learn more about the point of resistance training and the physiological changes that occur from solid lifting techniques, check out our latest Bodybuilding for Baby Boomers article on Bodybuilding.com.


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Hurricane Ivan kept us from sending our newsletter last week.  18 hours without power was just long enough to appreciate the importance of our utilities without a great deal of inconvenience. Our internet cable was out for several days making us wonder how we survived without a wireless system just a few short years ago.


In the aftermath of this devastating storm, we did venture down to our beach area in Panama City to see the level of destruction resulting from the tornados.  Newspaper photos and TV images only provide a small glimpse into the damage from the storms.  Towns to our west will be without power for months and the schools are closed indefinitely.  Think about that as you go about your daily routine today.


Baby Boomer Quick Tips and Facts

US health officials urge Americans to get their flu shots this year.  100 million doses of the flu vaccine are expected by the middle of November.  Up to 200,000 people end up in the hospital due to complications of the flu which can be prevented through the flu vaccine.


Reading the labels for sodium content.

Sodium or salt- free

Less than 5 mg sodium per serving

Very low sodium

35 mg or less per serving

Low sodium

140 mg or less per serving

Low-sodium meal

140 mg or less per serving

Reduced or less sodium

At least 25% less sodium than regular version

Light in sodium

At least 50% less sodium than regular version

Unsalted or no salt added

No salt added during processing


Tips to avoid osteoporosis from the Arthritis Foundation.

  • Get enough calcium – 3 servings per day from milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Take a daily multi-vitamin
  • Stay fit and exercise.
  • Understand your risk factors – check earlier if at risk
  • Get a bone density scan after menopause



Caloric restriction prolongs life.  Calorie restriction slows the aging process at any age according to research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Calorie restriction produces health benefits within two months of beginning the reduction.




Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!

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