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Iíll never forget when I saw the side chest pose of Arnold on the July 1968 cover of Muscle Builder.  He was a giant barely out of his teens!   Who would have thought, though, that Arnold would eventually become the greatest bodybuilder of all time?  In fact, he would be beaten by only two men:  Frank Zane in the 1968 IFBB Mr. Universe, and Sergio Oliva in the 1969 Mr. Olympia.  From 1970 until his final retirement from bodybuilding in 1980 Arnold would remain unbeaten with an unheard of 7 Mr. Olympia titles! 

I first met Arnold in 1975 when the casting director for the movie Stay Hungry told me that Arnold had seen me in the magazines and told her to call me to see if I wanted to be in the movie.  I hopped a plane and had an adventure of a lifetime with a number of other bodybuilders from around the country.  I roomed with a friend of Arnoldís named Roger Callard and had a lot of fun.  During those weeks I was able to spend some time enjoying Arnold's company as groups of us often went to dinner and afterwards to some bars.  Needless to say, Arnold was always the life of the party.  A few months later, Arnold would be a judge of the Mr. Southeastern USA which I won.   

In 1978 Goldís gym sponsored me to train there in California, and even though Arnold was busy and out of town a lot building up his movie career, I often saw him on Sundays at Venice beach.  Even though only being an acquaintance of Arnoldís, I was able to make some observations.  He was the most ambitious, driven, and focused man I have ever met.  I dated a few of his girlfriends (after he was no longer dating them of course) and none of them had anything but positive things to say about the man. 

I must say that Californians have done themselves a favor by electing him governor because if anyone can straighten the mess out there, it is Arnold.  

We wish Arnold and his family all the best as they enter still another phase of their lives together!

Arnold's fans will want to check out his great Web site by clicking here.

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Arnold's Contest Wins:

1966 Mr.Europe 1967 NABBA Mr. Universe
1968 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe

1969 Mr. Europe
1969 IFBB Mr. International 1969 IFBB Mr. Universe
1969 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1970 AAU Pro Mr. World
1970 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1970 IFBB MR. Olympia
1971 IFBB MR. Olympia
1972 IFBB MR. Olympia
1973 IFBB MR. Olympia
1974 IFBB MR. Olympia
1975 IFBB MR. Olympia
1980 IFBB MR. Olympia

fabulous Arnold photos:

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Magazine Covers:     

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Muscle Builder 5/69
1969 May
Muscle Builder 7/69
Muscle Builder 9/69
1970 January
Muscle Builder  1/70
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1970 December
1971 January
1971 March
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1971 September
Muscle Builder 2/72
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