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Monica Brant

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Monica started lifting weights with a friend in 1991 and saw a photo of Marla Duncan winning a national fitness competition.  Her beauty and physique impressed Monica enough that Monica wanted to try fitness competitions herself.  Up until 1995 Monica only competed for fun, but when she was honored with a Muscle & Fitness cover in 1994, she realized she had potential to earn some actual money in the fitness industry. 

Monica kept competing and in April of '95 moved to the Los Angeles area.  Once she arrived she dove into her career and competed in the IFBB organization two to three times per year.  After four tries, in 1998, she won her the Fitness Olympia and now has appeared on more than 100 covers worldwide. 

According to Monica, "I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to do what I enjoy:  staying fit, encouraging others, and teaching what I have learned."

Gifted with natural beauty and a shapely physique, Monica has enhanced her natural attributes with advanced nutrition and resistance training to the delight of millions of her fans around the world.  We salute her here as an icon of fitness for the inspiration of women around the world who also aspire to reach their own physical potential.

Monica's fans will want to check out her great Web site by clicking here.

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monica's Contest Wins:

1994 Fitness USA So. CA
1995 Jan Tana Pro Fitness
1998 Fitness Olympia

Magazine Covers (our favorites out of over 100):

Muscle & Fitness 11-94
Muscular Development 4-96
Iron man 5/96
Muscle Mag International 9-97
Muscle Mag International 98
Muscle & Fitness 3/99
Flex 20/99
Muscle & Fitness 5/2000




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