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I believe that you will be a great catalyst of positive change for the fitness industry. 
I can't wait for your book to come out. 

Patrick Gamboa BS
International Sports Sciences Association
The World Leader In Fitness Certifications  - Since 1988
Director of Educational and Technical Support
Editor-in-Chief of ProTrainer Online Magazine

That is AWESOME!  The feedback is just amazing for your section. Keep it up!

Your friend,                                           

Ryan DeLuca, CEO

Diane: You're on you way, baby! The compelling journey has just begun! 
Good job!

Skip LaCour, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Hi Diane, That's awesome that you've already received some feedback 
from your article.  I thought it turned out really well. Hopefully we'll
 have an opportunity to work together again in the future. Let me know 
if you ever have any other articles you feel would be appropriate for the 
magazine. Take care. Best regards, 

Lori Eggers, Editor,
Personal Fitness Professional Magazine

Diane, I am amazed and impressed. It's great to see when someone makes 
a commitment like that and to see the results physically, but the extra benefits 
that you have received from this is equally if not more gratifying. And that 
shows from your enthusiasm, confidence and passion for what you are doing. 
You're an inspiration.

Paul Delia, President AST Sport Supplements

Hi, Diane! Thanks for sending this -- thanks for the photo; it's the best one I've seen! 
Thanks also for including Dave in your writing. I'm not sure how long it will take Dave 
to catch up on his email as he's not the world's greatest with this stuff that we use so easily,
 so I wanted to get back to you and tell you that of course we approve, and appreciate it. 
Take care -- we'll be talking with ya!

Laree Draper

Keep up the great work because you are obviously doing something right.

Jeff Willet, Team Universe Winner
I was reading through the November 2002 "Personal Fitness Professional" magazine and 
noticed your article on "Exercise Considerations". I liked what you had to say and also 
noticed that you were a fitness trainer, writer and weight loss consultant.

Shawn Armstrong, Power Systems, Inc.

As a fabulously fit 50-year old female (and proud of it), I cannot thank you 
enough for the wonderful articles written by Diane Fields. I became nationally 
certified as a personal trainer three years ago after a life time of long distance 
running and swimming. I wish I had discovered strength training way before. 
Now, I am committed to "spreading the message" to as many of my female 
clients as possible about it never being too late to get into weight lifting. 
Diane's stuff is exactly what I need to keep going and keep it fresh for my 
baby boomer clients. 

Janice Roosevelt ,NSPA, YMCA-USA

Dear Diane, My name is Eric Durak - former director of Fitness Therapy at ISSA.  I now direct 
the Cancer Wellness CEU course through my company, and work with a number of health and 
medical institutions on the issue of clinical exercise.

I enjoyed your article on exercise and weight loss. 
Eric Durak, MSc, Medical Health and Fitness

I just finished your article in Personal Fitness Professional. I LOVED your idea of renaming 
cheat days! If you are ever in Dallas, I hope you can come in for a workout!

Mark Hutter, CPT Fitness Director
Lincoln City Club

Your certs, your website, your style and depth of writing all tell me you are every bit of 
what you represent.  I am so glad I went knocking at your door.

Lesley Graham, Certified Fitness Trainer

My calves are coming along beautifully-thanks to you! J

Patty Gillilan

Just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your articles. It is evident by your enthusiasm,
 and your photo's that you truly live what you preach. I myself am a trainer, in my 40's and 
will be starting ISSA certification in the fall. Keep up the great work.

Kevin Lucas

Came across your profile on  Wow, you’ve got one incredible physique 
big man.  Keep up the great work!  Are you still competing?

Scott in San Diego

This was a wonderful article!  I wasn’t sure what to do or how much I need to do.  As you 
said before, I find myself getting bored, and my joints get sore.  You help me so much.  As 
do all your articles.  I’m only 33, however, I think most of what you say still applies to me.  
It’s worked so far!!!  Thanks Diane, and keep the great articles coming!!!

Ivy Dickinson

Hi thank you for adding me to your newsletter! I just love your website so much there is 
so much information. Thank you!!

Shelly Milovich

Richard and Diane, Please sign me up for your weekly newsletter. Thanks 
so much for the great articles that you write. They are a great inspiration 
and I learn a lot. Thanks again.                            

Bob Fenton

Diane,I know you get so much mail that you won't remember me but I just wanted to drop
 you a line to say thank you for the encouraging words you gave me a while ago when I 
asked you about being a fitness trainer.  I am now doing the home study course with ISSA. 
 Health and Fitness is my life so I am making a step towards what I love.  Thanks again.       

Kevin Briscoe

I write to let you know that the articles by Diane Fields and Richard Baldwin are truly 
appreciated and should be continued.  If they are willing, they should be featured with 
even greater frequency.  I am a 46 year old lifter (not yet in shape to describe myself 
as a "body builder") and I find much useful material in their articles.  

Marc Cohan 

 Thanks for the site. It is tremendous. Thank you for your communication 
to me. I find it to be valuable. Isn't it awesome the people you can meet on 
line and specifically in the world of bodybuilding.

Mars Rowell

 I came across your articles in website and loved them- 
finally, common sense advice for those of us over 40! I am a 45 yr. old 
mother of 2 who has been working out steady for the past 5 yrs, problem 
is, there’s so much info out there its hard to know what to do.

Cyndi Cagle

Fitness Girl, At 40 years of age and contemplating my 
first figure show in 4 months, finding your babyboomer 
articles was quite timely. 


Great articles.  The article "Battling the Obesity Epidemic - Practical Considerations for 
Training Overweight Clients." hit home! The article on "Glutes" was also very informing. 
 i have been doing squats everyday, but after reading the article, I think I will change and 
do one of the other exercises you recommend. Keep up the good work and I look forward 
to reading your articles. 

Margaret Johnston

 Richard.  I am an ISSA trainer and specialize in Senior Fitness. I really 
enjoy the articles you publish with Diane. I find the information you impart 
very refreshing. I get soooooo tired of the major fitness mags. and the 
twenty somethings that try to give advise.

Rich Thomas

 Diane: Thanks for the quick response and for taking the time to answer all my 
questions.  You have restored some of my faith in humanity!  I eagerly await the 
opening of your website

Randy Kusmer

Dear Richard & Diane, Your Babyboomer Articles are Great!

Larry Chmiel  

Diane, Your the greatest!!!!!!!! Thanks for your means EVERYTHING 
to me right now. Thanks Diane so much

Jean T.

Richard, I would be really grateful if a great bodybuilder like you can help 
me out, so that I can become like you.

Tarun Nichlani

Hey Diane! What a great web page!  Sara gave me your address telling 
me what a great inspiration you would be.  I am very interested in getting 
certified as a personal trainer. Would you mind telling me where and how 
I can get started???  I run and also work out to some extent, more in the 
past than now.  I'm ready to get with the program! Thanks!  Looking forward 
to meeting you!
Hi Richard, I was lying in bed the other night and thought to myself surely there must be 
a web sight for bodybuilders my age to get info, inspiration, etc. My search turned up your 
site. Nice to find a site geared toward 'old' guys.

Dennis Page

Diane, Just a quick note to let you know I enjoyed reading your article in the November 
issue of Personal Fitness Professional - Great job! Have a great day...make it that way. 

Greg Werner

Thanks for writing some great articles. I ardently 
look for your articles!

Ashish Talwar

I am glad to see that there is finally a site for the 40's+ crowd now 
that we both have hit that mark.

Brian Hite

Thanks a lot for your help. It’s been most helpful in my program. Yours faithfully. 

Giovanni Roman 

These articles are very motivating. At 49, it makes me feel like I'm still in the game. 

Mike Casale

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help you and Richard provided me!  I will continue
 to follow your articles and heed your advise. I'm starting my third week of training and 
can already feel a difference, I look forward to the months ahead when the work starts 
to show! Again, THANKS

Rick Guffey

 Thank you, thank you, thank you...  for taking the time, and having the forethought to
 recognize that there are quite a few of us out there that need this type of input, and 
articles geared to us "boomers".


Hi Richard, (Dr. Baldwin), I have always known you to be a straight-shooter and that's 
why I wanted to contact you personally.  I obviously already have a lot of knowledge 
about what to do, I just need to do it.  I'll never forget you saying once that to do things 
right you expect people you're training to do everything that you tell them to do (nothing 
more and nothing less).  Knowing how you've taken such good care of yourself for all these 
years, I knew that you know more about what you're talking about than most people do.

Terry Catledge

Miss Fields, I was recently looking through the web site and I 
stumbled upon an article that you had written, "Active and fit in your 40's 
and 50's?....Beware of boomeritis". In addition to the well written and 
informative article, there are several pictures of you on the page. All I can 
say is ‘Wow!’, you are absolutely stunning! Please understand that this is 
meant as a true compliment, not a sleazy comment or trashy would be pick 
up line. You should be very proud of the incredible physique that you have 
built, and of the beautiful face with which you have been blessed. You are 
truly inspirational.

At the ripe old age of 32 (for another week at least) I have recently revived 
the lifestyle that packed more than 25 pounds of lean muscle on my 6’3" frame 
some ten years ago. After months of struggling with workout schedules, proper
nutrition, and making the time for adequate rest, I am seeing positive results. 
Seeing the ‘end of the rainbow’ in the likes of professionals such as yourself 
only fuels my desire to get even bigger and leaner than before, to eclipse the 
physique that I had been so proud of years ago. 

As my friends continue to add inches around their midsections, instead of their 
legs and chests, it becomes easy to think of my efforts as a waste of energy in 
the fight against aging. Again, it is people like you, Diane who remind me that 
fitness is not the exclusive domain of college-aged kids, it is something that can 
be part of everyone’s lifestyle, from students to professionals to work-at-home 
Moms and Dads. So, in addition to paying you the compliment of ‘Wow!’, I 
should also say ‘Thanks.’ Most Sincerely, 

Paul G. Nagel

I think your article was right on! People need to keep in tune with their bodies 
and tailor their training to stay healthy...not injured...Cheers!

After seeing your credentials and the amount of weight you use in your workouts at the bottom 
of the page I thought "finally someone who know’s what she is talking about." How refreshing.

Matt Wilson, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

 I am another CFT with ISSA living in Ga. and read your article on the "Boomeritis Fit in your 
40's and 50's and just wanted to say it was a great article and I look forward to your upcoming 
website for the "Boomers"...Having just crossed that threshold myself (50, In August) and 
wanted to commend you for it's interesting content. Best regards and keep going.  
PS..I must admit with all due respect I spent the first 10 minutes just looking at the picture...:)

Randal Postel-Certified Fitness Trainer



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