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For me bodybuilding is about ARMS!  When someone wants a demonstration of your physical development, they don't ask you to flex the thighs, calves, back or chest;  they ask you to flex your biceps!

The October 1995 Muscle & Fitness had a list of the "Top Ten Guns of All time" that included the following bodybuilders:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robby Robinson, Bertil Fox, Mike Quinn, Larry Scott, Vince Taylor, Gunnar Rosbo, Rick Wayne, Richard Baldwin, Edwardo Kawak.

I decided to present my own list of the "Top Ten Guns of All Time."  To be on my list, the bodybuilder's arms do NOT only have to have size.   Above all full development of all three of the major areas of the arm (biceps, triceps, and forearms) was considered when making the choices for membership in the Top Guns.  In addition, shape and symmetry  were of primary importance. 

larry scott

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lee priest

bill pearl

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freddy ortiz



Shawn ray

pic of Ray, Shawn


Rick Wayne

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flex wheeler


vince taylor 

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Ronnie Coleman

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